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Aviation search engines includes us, uk and canadian registers and other things. Historical faa aircraft registration database general. Guidance on using the ginfo database uk civil aviation. Our simple to use software allows you to store trips, aircraft sightings and photos, print trip reports and view other spotters aircraft sightings. You must register the aircraftif it is greater than 0. Various insert assistents to make adding a log quick and easy.

The registration indicates the aircrafts country of registration, and functions much like an automobile license plate. Are you trying to find the registrations for aircraft that have been stricken from the current faa roster. The federal aviation administration faa is working closely with. Search for an aircrafts details by entering your search criteria into any number of the fields displayed below. No more scrap books with lists of registrations in laying around, no more searching for a photo that was taken for a specific aircraft, spot2log can store and retrieve all this quickly and easily. For access to information contained in the register, please visit this page.

The registration indicates the aircraft s country of registration, and functions much like an automobile license plate. Access vehicle services management database free download. Spottinglog is a new web based application to keep all of your aircraft spotting logs in one place. The registration process starts when national aviation authority assigns the unique combination of letters and numbers to each aircraft.

With our vast database of aircraft registrations, uptodate fleet listings are now at your fingertips. Without suitable software, the message received by the modes receiver will be of limited use to the aviation enthusiast who would prefer to know the aircraft type, registration and owner. No more scrap books with lists of registrations in laying around, no more searching for a photo that was. You can discover the icao aircraft registration country codes within the aircraft specifications database. Civil aircraft register database open government portal. Leading zeros, mix of digits and characters, complex serial systems, military and civil. Search for an aircraft s details by entering your search criteria into any number of the fields displayed below. The aircraft registration system maintains and provides access to all aircraft data, with the exception of document images. Recently, a friend asked me why aircraft registration details are made public since related car license plate numbers details are more regulated in access by law. Please note that the sacaa aircraft register is being imported into a new business system and will be availed upon completion of this project. If you enter information into the registration, serial number or aircraft typename fields, you must enter at least two characters.

Legacy software airnav radarbox live flight tracker and. The database has stopped updating, due to the user terms change at the data source. Hungary caa official searchable database of current civil aircraft registrations. We need software to translate the hex code into something more interesting. A professional and easytouse product so you can automate processes such as aircraft maintenance, maintenance record control, maintenance alerts, aircraft registration, registration and inventory of spare parts for them, while providing control of warehouse inventory. Civil aviation authority united kingdom registration database. By being able to receive data from 4 different data sources, airnav suite 4 can show you flight data in an easy and organized way and can even show you photos of the. Search the gnumber database for a single registration quickest.

An aircraft registration, alternatively called a tail number albeit very loosely is a code unique to a single aircraft, required by international convention to be marked on the exterior of every civil aircraft. Create statistics overviews of the number of sightings per year. International civil aircraft registration searchable databases. There are any number of library resources available that archive old registries and government databases but you probably wont find them online. Emmanuel gustins american military aircraft database. Legacy software airnav radarbox live flight tracker.

Aircraft spotting or plane spotting involves tracking and recording aircraft seen. The complete aircraft serial number assigned to the aircraft by the manufacturer. Update your list by adding aircraft, deleting aircraft, or editing an existing aircraft with the items circled in the image to the right. Matching your software with our complete list of aircraft registration number with api.

This method also allows to build up an aircraft registration search system. We currently ship to more than 45 countries around the world and our customer base is always expanding. Code 14, all holders of federal aircraft certificates for aircraft engaged in air navigation in illinois shall complete an application for registration of federal aircraft certificate. Government accountability office urges faa to overhaul aircraft registry database march 30. The registration renewal datetofile is scheduled five months before the expiration. Cstop unknown aircraft aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. Download the aircraft registration database 60mb download documentation for file content and configuration. Find out all about the aircraft by their registration number. Key software features spot2log aircraft spotting log database. Aircraft registration number database aviation edge. Which planes have you seen, where did you see them, how many, which units. This enables aircraft spotters to have updated information as and when they need it without the.

Aircraft tail number search data and the related apis are ready to download. South african civil aircraft register database note. Three of the available modes receivers use bespoke software. Welcome to the most powerful flight tracking and monitoring application available for the aviation enthusiast.

Compliance each federal aircraft certificate and the certificate of registration issued by the division shall be carried at all times in or on the aircraft engaged in air navigation in illinois. This code must also appear in its certificate of registration. You may download the entire database to your computer by clicking on the link below. Output is sorted by n number, last action date, aircraft manufacturer name, aircraft model name, serial number. From your pc, or from your phone while at the airport, you can now find out exactly what that aircraft is, and with one touch mark. Aircraft certificate expiration date has been added to the master download file. Colonial allocation leeward islands vpl was shared with the british virgin islands, and saint kitts and nevis. A registered aircraft in the 2004 database will remain in the 2009 database. Registrant name the first registrants name which appears on the application for registration, faa form 80501. Aircraft registry releasable aircraft database download. Does a public use aircraft need an aircraft registration hard card. Civil aircraft online registers the airline codes website. Nov 16, 2016 aircraft registration search made easy. May 12, 2009 a registered aircraft in the 2004 database will remain in the 2009 database.

Civil aircraft register database this file contains the current mark, aircraft and owner information of all canadian civil registered aircraft. Aircraft registration aircraft registration renewal. Aircraft tail numbers database list aviation database. The international registry permits individuals and organisations to register and search financial interests in aircraft assets. Full aircraft database download aviation database and api. Department of transportation federal aviation administration 800 independence avenue, sw washington, dc 20591 1866tell faa 18668355322. Throw out your old log books and fleet lists, because planelogger brings plane spotting into the 21st century. From your pc, or from your phone while at the airport, you can now find out exactly what. Aircraft registration illinois department of transportation. Aircraft registration expires three years after an aircraft was registered or last renewed. Aircraft tail numbers database through our complete aircraft registration.

Spot2log is the aircraft spotting log database software. Adu software is one of those databases which has a team of editors who are aircraft enthusiasts themselves who update the aircraft movements in the database so this can be passed on to adu software customers in the form of web or cd data updates. Our complete world aircraft registration number s database with api for developers contains numbers of registered aircrafts. Copies may be obtained from the government publication sales office. Using this software the task of tracking aircraft is made easier.

Based on our powerful registry platform, our pdms aeris solution covers registration and survey workflow, document management and certificate production. Newest aircraftregistration questions aviation stack. Aircraft enrollment, ratings and registration registration of aircraft registration relationship of aircraft. Aircraft civil aircraft register aircraft register search.

The online spotter database to keep track of all your plane logs. This is a list of aircraft registration prefixes used by civil aircraft. If you would like to find out more about what we do, please click on the. Aviation edge is here to provide you with detailed aircraft database big data for the best aviation software development solutions. Oosaa to ooszz was reserved exclusively for aircraft flying for belgian national airline sabena and its subsidiaries. Our customers use the registry to electronically record international interests for the purpose of establishing the priority of those interests. Our database holds records of uk registered aircraft. And like any other types of civil aircraft,you must register it, before you can fly it,in the national airspace. Faa aircraft registration enquiry searchable faa aircraft registry searchable faa nnumber enquiry searchable faa register airbritain members only landings. The application for registration renewal must be filed five months before registration expires to enable delivery of a new certificate before the old certificate expires. Aircraft tail numbers database list aviation database and api. For instance, an aircraft specification database or an aircraft tail numbers database can be created and used to avoid unnecessary data crowd. Aircraft register search civil aviation safety authority.

As you look around the internet you will find several products claiming to be the best aviation. Cstop unknown aircraft aircraft registration flightaware. The irish aviation authority nationality and registration of aircraft s. Aer 2048 form within 30 days after establishing residency in illinois or within 30 days after purchasing an aircraft. Freebird has been in existence for over 15 years evolving from a semistatic, pc based ms access database to todays dynamic, technology agnostic, online resource that embraces modern technology to the benefit of todays aircraft enthusiast. This search covers any aircraft registered under the following types. The database can be accessed, updated and used in realtime from a variety of devices including pc. An aircraft may be registered in the state subject to the condition that it be managed and operated from a place within the state and based therein or that it be managed and operated by an air transport undertaking holding. Another idea is to create a database where aircraft ownership history is made available. In case your business or the software you are developing aims tracking a certain aircraft tail number or provide a complete, userfriendly airplane tail numbers list, you can achieve that with our database. Modern day aircraft spotting adu software technologies uk.

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