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Exodus it the true beginning of the story of israel. The introduction to this book recognizes exodus as a christian book, although it respects its prechristian roots in the hebrew bible. In hebrew mt it is the first phrase of the book, and these are the words names, which links the book of exodus to genesis, where the very same words appear in gen. The book of exodus is the second book of the bible and describes the exodus, which includes. Consistent with the other volumes in the series, it has a significant introduction 41 pages and, although it is a small book, there is commentary of at least a. Jun 19, 2008 in a 1996 guide to the best commentaries, derek thomas wrote. Exodus overview james burton coffman commentaries on the. Exodus is a greek word applied to the second book of the pentateuch by the seventy, on account of the chief event which it records exodus the going out or departure from. The fact that jesus calls exodus the book of moses in marks gospel8 should settle the matter for us. In the hebrew bible, the opening words, and or now.

Bible study book of exodus 14 red sea baptism into christ. In the lxx translation it is ek odos which means a way out or a road out. That shows us that exodus is not really a completely separate book. And douglas stuart is a first rate evangelical old testament scholar who has already penned commentaries on ezekiel and some of the minor prophets. Introduction exodus oa road outo for godos people a bible study by dr. Book of exodus bible study chapter 5 10 the purpose of god and the purpose of satan book of exodus bible study chapter 12 the passover gods emphasis concerning the cross book of exodus bible study chapter 14 the red sea baptism into christ book of exodus. The diversity of laws in exodus and the pentateuch presents one type of challenge. A literary commentary on the book of exodus expository series hadden, timothy on. The book of exodus is the second of five parts which comprise what scripture calls. Alec motyer the message of exodus the bible speaks today, 2005. Read exodus commentary using matthew henry commentary on the whole bible complete. This word and the list of names show that this book continues the record in genesis. Van gorder exodus the overriding theme of the book of exodus is redemption.

It is part of the pentateuch, one of the holiest sections of religious text and foundational to the jewish faith. Exodus a2 classic bible study guide 2 introduction historically, the book of exodus speaks of the deliverance of israel from egypt. This lesson allows the student to become acquainted with the important content of the verses and chapters of this book of the bible. Print is relatively small good vision or good reading glasses necessary. The book of exodus is especially rich in typical teachings. The story of the exodus begins where the story genesis ends. Carol meyers, in her commentary on exodus, suggests that it is arguably the most important book in the bible, as it. The book of exodus consists mainly of two genres, narrative history and laws. Exodus introduction scofield reference bible commentary. Exodus ot esources collection compiled and prepared by dr. He is the author of the pentateuch which includes the first five books of the old testamentgenesis, exodus, leviticus, numbers, and deuteronomy. Lange has some very in depth comments on the book of exodus he is worth consulting. Apart from the philological notes and translation, this commentary includes a formcritical section, looking at the growth of the tradition in its previous stages.

The book of exodus reveals god through his acts as a covenantmaker and keeper, as the sovereign over individuals, nations, and nature, as executing judgment upon the wicked, as a kinsmanredeemer, as a warrior, and as personal, coming to dwell in the midst of his people. Exodus overview, one of over 110 bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, by the leading authority in the church of christ, presents a verse level look at the bible. That some of the laws written down in exodus were already accepted codes of moral behavior. Exodus 1 commentary old testament matthew henry st. Read exodus 28 commentary using matthew henry commentary on the whole bible complete.

The book of exodus tells the tale of israels liberation and birth, and of the beginning of gods covenanted nation. Feb 21, 2020 the up library has many book length commentaries available in the book stacks located on the lower floor of the library. This is in perfect harmony with the subject of the book, for redemption is an individual matter. In the book of exodus, moses life is divided into three fortyyear periods. This, too, reflects my desire that the commentary be serviceable to christian ministers. Sixth, i have tried to read exodus as a christian theologian. Bible commentaries matthew henrys complete commentary on the bible. Scott hahn and mark shea edited by jennifer phelps exodus introductory material the prototypical faith journey. The key personalities include moses, miriam, pharaoh, pharaohs daughter, aaron, and joshua. Best commentaries and books on exodus logos bible software. What did the law mean when it referred to a lasting ordinance.

Langes commentary exodus 179 page commentary j p lange. Bible commentary on exodus introduction book introduction exodus. The hebrew title for the book of exodus is taken from its first words. To this end, i have given a good deal of attention to relating the book to the new testament and to christian doctrine. Pdf classic exodus commentary still relevant researchgate. It was written to record the events of israels deliverance from slavery in egypt. Egypt is a type of the world 1 in its material wealth and power heb 11. Garrett explains further at the beginning of the book. Ruins of a large fortification were discovered in the 1990s at ramesses on the south bank of the pelusiac branch of the nile river. Study exodus using wesleys explanatory notes to better understand scripture with full outline and verse meaning. The following notes on the book of exodus were compiled from a bible study led by bro. The hebrew title of this book is translated, these are the names. You can find the best commentary on exodus for you using the tools on the right side.

Did the israelites in the book of exodus cross the red sea or the reed sea. The hebrew words are we elleh shemoth, or just shemoth. Book of exodus overview insight for living ministries. Book of exodus explained everything explained today. Matthew henry 18 october 1662 22 june 1714 was an english commentator on the bible, who published his works in 1706, sixvolume exposition of the old and new testaments 17081710 or complete commentary, provides an exhaustive verse by verse study of the bible, covering the whole of the old testament, and the gospels and acts in the new testament.

There are streams of water coming out of rocks, bread falling from the sky, and pillars of cloud and smoke appearing at different times. Free bible version and commentary on the book of exodus in. Dec 01, 2012 exodus is the true heart of the old testament. Thomas commentary guide has since been updated, but at that time, the best contemporary commentary one could recommend on the book of exodus was by brevard childs, and it could not be recommended unconditionally because it reflected childs critical stance. They should be utilized with the following understanding.

Study book on exodus, questions on exodus welcome to. Exodus overview matthew henrys complete commentary on. Moses having, in the first book of his history, preserved the records of the church while it existed in private families, comes, in the second book, to give us an account of its growth into a great nation. The book of exodus opens and closes with israel at work.

Exodus commentary matthew henry commentary on the whole. Unlike many contemporary scholars, he believes it is possible to distinguish exodus e from exodus j. The present volume, a commentary on the book of exodus, is the last of the commentaries to be rendered into english. Spread over the books of exodus, leviticus, numbers, and deuteronomy, it tells the myth of the enslavement of the israelites in ancient egypt, their liberation through the hand of their tutelary deity yahweh, the revelations at biblical mount sinai, and their wanderings in the wilderness up to the borders of canaan, the land their god has given. A literary commentary on the book of exodus expository series. Now these are the names of the children of israel who came to egypt. Egypt is a picture of this present world galatians 1. Taking a pioneering approach to commentary writing, brevard childs gives an entirely original treatment to the book of exodus. Exodus is the book which speaks of the physical and spiritual birth of israel as a nation. Just as the first book of the bible teaches that god elects unto salvation, so the second instructs us how god saves, namely, by redemption. Study the bible online using commentary on exodus 28 and more. The lords desire was to save israel through the promise that he had made to abraham cf. Note also that chapterverse divisions are not well marked. This would have been the location of the early chapters of exodus.

Summary of the book of exodus the story of the bible. Bible survery exodus hebrew name velleh shemoth these are the names greek name exodus departure author moses date from 1635 to 1490 bc approximately theme gods covenant with the hebrew nation types and shadows in exodus jesus is the lamb of god. Here it should be noted that those who follow the wellhausen theory in. An ageold story of redemption and revelation c hristians refer to the second book of the o ld t estam ent as e xodus, from its g reek s eptuagint. Exodus relates the story of freedom for gods people from slavery and the beginning of national identity. Bible study book of exodus chapter 1 israels bondage in. The covenant code, or book of the covenant, is the name given by academics to a text appearing in the torah, at exodus 20. He talked about how the ten plagues may have been designed to prove the powelessness of the egyptian pantheon though he ended up saying that this was not the point, p. Maybe the best title of the book would be the words of hosea. View chuck swindoll s chart of exodus, which divides the book into major sections and highlights themes and key verses. The book of exodusthe book of exodus agape bible study. The book is strategically important to both old testament history and a proper understanding of hebrew customs and institutions. Biblically, the text is the second of the law codes given to moses by god at mount sinai.

In the hebrew bible the name for the book comes from the first words of the text. What did the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night signify. Guaranteed by gods almighty power 1218 so on your outline of the book you can see that the rescue column involves covenant, confrontation, and the power of god in judgment. Exodus 28 commentary matthew henry commentary on the whole. For example searching genesis commentary finds these results. As for the commentary on the book of exodus itself, it was topnotch. The exegesis arises as a theological discipline within the context of the. The children of israel increase in egypt after the death of joseph. If the biblical book of genesis is the story of one familyin todays parlance, we might call it a multigenerational sagathen the book which follows, exodus, is the story of the birth of a nation and its constitution, of a peoples binding with god by history and by covenant. Study the bible online using commentary on exodus and more.

The greek septuagint lxx, and the latin vulgate versions of the old testament assigned the title exodus to this second book of moses, because the departure of israel from egypt is the dominant historical fact in the book 19. Exodus is a pivotal book, a key volume not only in the pentateuch but in the whole of the hebrew bible. The book of exodus begins in chapter 1 with a brief recital of. There is a famine of really good commentaries on exodus. It contains the stories of enslavement and liberation, of revelation and wanderings, of. A selection of the best commentaries and bible study resources on the book of. The book of exodus occupies a prominent place in the history of the higher criticism, yet it is so closely related to the higher criticism of the pentateuch as a whole that this aspect will be mainly discussed in the article pentateuch. Exodus is actually a muchneeded book to confront the compromised christianity in america. Throughout the history of man never has there been a group of people see with their eyes such miracles and experience the presence of god with regularity. Exodus chapters 118 free bible commentary in easy english. Cassutos comments have a vivid quality seldom found in the exegetical writings of other biblical expositors, who all too often prefer a jejune and lifeless approach to their subject. Each paragraph preceded by comment or q an abbreviation for question was introduced by someone other than bro. This exodus bible lesson is suitable for those requiring an instant, free exodus bible lesson.

The first verses of exodus reach back some 430 years. Exodus overview preachers complete homiletical commentary. The establishment of the ordinances which were afterwards observed by israel, exodus 20. Most of the questions i had about exodus were given adequate space for discussion. Commentary on the book of exodus by matthew henry old. The second book of the pentateuch is called exodus, from the greek word for departure, because its central event was understood by the septuagints translators to be the departure of the israelites from egypt. Some allude to the names of this and the foregoing book, and observe that immediately after genesis, which signifies the beginning or original, follows exodus. Exodus overview james burton coffman commentaries on the bible.

Its concern is to understand exodus as scripture of the church. Book of exodus encyclopedia of the bible bible gateway. The exodus bible lesson provides an overview or outline of this book of the bible. Brevard s childs the purpose of this commentary is unabashedly theological.

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