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All semiconductor devices that may be referred to in this specification, or required to manufacture products described in this specification, will be considered referenced only, and no. The open compute project foundation is a rapidly growing, global community whose mission is to design, use, and enable mainstream delivery of the most efficient designs for scalable computing. A contribution of deutsche telekom to the open compute project. By deploying these communitycontributed innovations, microsoft azure is helping the ocp ecosystem grow and thrive across the globe. These specsdesign packages are for ocp accepted hardware. The open compute project connector ocp connector is a blindmate bus bar clip compatible with the open rack platform.

The global open compute project training and education service market has witnessed continuous growth in the past few years and is projected to grow even further during the. Microsoft project olympus microsoft global datacenters. Cloud computing experts from around the world contribute to the project. Building on communitydriven innovation wednesday, march 9, 2016. Open edge chassis overview 31j, 19 mountable ela310 compatible. Join our global community of technology leaders working together to break open the black box of proprietary it infrastructure to achieve greater choice, customization, and cost savings. Flexibility is needed to be able to support different use cases acceleration capability for generic e.

Open compute project snq60x0320f alpha networks inc byrobertchu onjuly21,2014 overview. The open compute project foundation ocp today announces a new tool designed to streamline the contribution process for its valued members. The open rack is focused on fulfilling the open compute project goal of maximizing operational efficiency of large scale deployments by adhering to the following the principles. The open rack is designed to maximize efficiency of large scale data center rack deployments taking into consideration the interdependencies in the data center. Styled on the open source software community model, the open compute project brings people and organizations together in a transparent effort to improve the economics of computing infrastructure without compromising on performance. Overview open network install environment documentation. Open network install environment onie uefi secure boot. The project aims for simple implementation, massive scalability, and a rich set of features. The new schedule will be posted during the summer of 2020. Project olympus addresses variety of cloud workloads for microsoft cloud and was i. Telco aggregation routers edgecore ocp contributions.

Onie enables an open networking hardware ecosystem where end users have a choice among different network operating systems. Bill laing, microsoft corporation and open compute project board member. Open compute project snq60x0320f alpha networks inc. One component of this project is the battery cabinet. Onie device referred to as device under test or dut vendor provided serial console cable for device interaction and recording of session. The openstack project is an open source cloud computing platform that supports all types of cloud environments.

Note that the specs below are at different stages of submissionapproval. Industry nonprofit focused on establishing open source hw, sw and systems management solutions for the data center market and beyond. Open network linux reference nos for the open compute project ocp collection of software packages, utilities, drivers, and abstractions to run on ocp, bare metal, brite box hardware i. The ocp foundation would like to thank bill for contributing his time and talents to. Summit to speak about the advantages of an open approach to cloud computing and share microsofts latest innovation with the community. Open compute project market impact assessment interim deliverable database update with 4q17 3q18 actuals january, 2019. Project olympus base specification defines a modular architecture with clear internal and external interfaces. Scale computing requires a small and stable set of tools to remotely manage machines. Since inception, project olympus has attracted a large group of partners such as compute silicon providers, odms, oems, and component manufacturers.

What are the top reasons your customers give for adopting open compute products. Follow open compute project design guidelines for vanity free cost optimized design with toolless front maintenance. For those who are electing to use the ocp cla, please use the base ocp cla on your first. I had the pleasure of addressing the open compute project ocp u. In keeping with the open compute principles, the amd open 3. The foundations stated project mission is as follows. Project olympus is microsofts next generation rack level solution that is open sourced through open compute project. Open compute project intelserver japanese draft 1 pdf open compute project ha server specification v0. The hardware management specification incorporates a set of existing tools and best practices and leverages existing tools for remote machine management. Steve helvie ocp edge project update and showcase of edge new products. Mike replaces bill laing, who has served since 2014 when microsoft joined the board.

Ocp 101 video chinese translation what is the open compute project. Gigabytes contribution of 2s intel haswell motherboard product overview. The yosemite v2 platform is a next generation multinode server platform that hosts four open compute platform ocp compliant one socket 1s server cards, or two sets of. This class introduces students to the open compute project which is an open source hardware initiative focused on data center deign. Open compute project founded in april 2011 by facebook microsoft joined in january 2014 shared collateral for open cloud server optimized for cloud scale and density contributed design was fully complete october 2016 microsoft announced project olympus design was 70% complete attempting open source server hardware. Open network install environment onie uefi secure boot proposal. The open compute project foundation ocp announces that mike neil will serve on its board of directors. Find file copy path bryankel spec update 56a8366 mar 12, 2019. Contributing members can create an account, where they can login to view their past contributions, upload files and agreements for new contributions and check. Open compute project training and education service market. O ni e ue f i s e cu re b o o t open compute project 4.

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