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Drastic changes coming to marine corps rifle qualification. Understanding rifle marksmanship within the stagesofprocessing. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. To illustrate this point, i will discuss shooting data captured in my personal data book and then explain how this effected my later shooting sessions at nearby marine corps base quantico ranges. Serving military, law enforcement, first responders, and the public. Marines fail qualification and the sample used in our data collection reflected. For service rifles, ar 15 and m1a rifle 95 pages with 24 pages of basic marksmanship instruction for ar 15 and m1a, to include sight aligement, trigger control and wind effects data sheets for 200 meter slow, 300 meter slow, 500 meter slow, 200 meter rapid and 300 meter rapid, with instructions on how to fill out data sheets appears to be a. National shooting sports foundation nssf 1,293,572 views 21.

Data books are small, typically 5 x 8 sized handbooks, that allow shooters to gather data about shooting. For example, the 1916 marine corps score book harllee, 1916. Noting the need to update training materials for rifle marksmanship, the corps announced the release of one new data book and two updated editions to be used for annual rifle qualifications december 2009. Range coaches mentor shooters after they finish a volley of shots, giving them tips to help correct or sharpen their aim. Aug 08, 2010 the first thing you will notice when you do a search for rifle data book is a few hundred different databooks and styles of data logging. I have one in my collection dated 1950, navmc 42 dp they show up on epay frequently. While conducting marksmanship training on knowndistance ranges, these values must. Incorporate your own style or department policy standards and you are on you way to creating the skills necessary with becoming a professional shooter. Platoons were issued either the m14 or the m16 until 1975 when the m14 was retired. Marine corps rifle range data book the smiths complete chord songbook, m27 infantry automatic rifle with squad day optic sdo while conducting marksmanship training on knowndistance ranges, these values must be adjusted general alfred m. The rifle data book is probably one of the prime most examples of data management used for long range shooting because it is quite literally a history of the weapon system. Complete beginners guide to long range shooting ryan cleckner. Marines who apply the fundamental skills and maintain a properly filled out data book of. Modular sniper data book moving target lead summary refill sheets, nsn 1220015471814.

Unlike our cross the course log books, this one is just a single stage. Marine corps rifle marksmanship and data books emilitary manuals. Usmc rifle marksmanship data book stay safe and healthy. Additionally, when it is time to go to the live fire range, the student will also need eye protection, ear protection, and a shooting mat if available. Scope every marine is first and foremost a rifleman. Usmc rifle marksmanship data book m14 m16 1172 marksman. For the purposes of this order, the term pistol refers to the m9 service pistol, while the term rifle refers to the service rifles andor. Marine corps recruits with echo company, 2nd battalion, recruit training regiment conduct active firing with m16a4 service rifles at chosin range, marine corps recruit depot parris island. Purpose marine corps reference publication mcrp 301a, rifle marksmanship, provides techniques and procedures for marine corps rifle marksmanship. Review of rifle marksmanship training research eric.

Match data book pages i took a couple pics of pages from three books i have, cmp as issued matches, creedmoor data book, and jim owens data book. There are commercial data books, military data books used for rifle or pistol requalification, matches, and sniping, as. Our products have a 30 day warranty against defects. Storm tactical, precision rifle data books, usmc sniper, army. Usmc marine corps rifle markmanship and data book 1972 edition. Storm tactical, precision rifle data books, usmc sniper. Some you pay for, and some you can download for free. Dont know if its doable, but, just got my kid his first 22 old action rifle. The modular data book is made from milspec materials and construction. The binder is a six ring polydura plastic for easy data organization and retention. Mar 11, 2016 mar 11, 2016 printable sniper data book pdf descriptions stay safe and healthy. Thank you for considering storm tactical precision rifle data books for your team, unit, or personal training. Us tactical supply the premiere provider of quality tactical accessories. Rifle data book a lesson in dope primal rights, inc.

Standardized, premade impact data books are sold by midwayusa and other vendors. Headquarters united states marine corps washington, d. Storm tactical coil bound scout sniper platoon data book and field book set, printed on heavy card stock paper, in a an easy to read size of 5. The rifle data book can be store bought or homemade but it is built upon hours of shooting in different conditions to help understand how the rifle responds. However, involvement in southeast asia demanded a lighter automatic shoulder weapon, which resulted in the development of the m16. Army research institute for the behavioral and social sciences 00. Determinants of rifle marksmanship performance dtic. Rifle marksmanship welcome to the m14 rifle association.

Annual rifle training databook marine corps base camp. Revision of career marksmanship training requirements. Camp schwab, okinawa, japan a coach marks in a shooters range data book on the rifle range feb. While conducting marksmanship training on knowndistance ranges, these values must be adjusted in. When the marine corps adopted its standard rifle combat optic in 2005, the marksmanship data books that marines use to keep track of their shots and. This is a single page, printable log book designed to be hole punched and put in a binder. Well now you can create your own customized sniper log book just how you like it and the best part. Fully illistrated and familiar to every marine this book is fully illistrated with line drawings and everything you need to know about getting it in the bull.

Welcome to the new app version of creedmoor sports data book. A percentage of our proceeds are used to support deployed snipers. Storm tactical has been the official precision rifle data book supplier of since 2005 storm tactical donates precision rifle data books to our us military snipers overseas, free of charge, via all sales are final. M16a2ar15a2 usmc range data books springfield xd forum. Apr 18, 2011 understanding mils milliradians long range rifle shooting with ryan cleckner duration. The book allows shooters to track their shots and make adjustments. In order to guarantee the success of this mission recruits must train for and test for their marine corps rifle qualification. Starting in 2009, tony and tom began selling impact data books. The book uses a 3 ring poly binder, which allows the operator to organize the book per mission needs. New data books released for range qualification using. This new app, available for free in the apple app store, provides all the same function and capabilities of the traditional creedmoor print data book, but with the convenience and ease of recording your match and practice information right on your phone or tablet. Storm tactical and impact databooks would be a couple of the more popular out there. Tactical supply inc, modular sniper data book alpha data refill sheets, nsn 1220015471808. Marine corps rifle marksmanship and data book rifle 7.

Navy seal and is best utilized as a training aid for marksmanship development within the law enforcement and military communities. The books use plastic coils, which have shown to hold up better than metal coils in the field. Former marine corps officer, former usmc scout sniper, foreign special forces officer, law enforcement officers, and competitive tactical riflemen. Some may elect to bring a shooting glove or any glove. Weapons training battalion officials aim to gather data from 600 marines across the force to best determine what the thresholds for qualification. The complete modular book will have 100 doublesided sheets providing the shooter with 160 data collection pages, 20 pages of reference material, plus 3 roundcount pages, 3 note pages, 2 sniper range cards, and two field sketch pages. Data book 1 was the first in a series developed by a u. Tim research product 8502basic rifle marksmanshipshooters book ari field unit at fort benning, georgia training research laboratory january 1985 0 u.

Cadet regulation 317 rifle marksmanship qualification training jan 30, 2007. Customized impact data books are now used by the u. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and. The days of collecting your shooting information in premade books designed by someone who perceives how you may shoot, and offers you a data book of target pages that are little to no value to you are long gone.

Tactical supply inc, modular sniper data book alpha. An original us marine corps rifle marksmanship qualification data book. Shooting targets, shooting guns, shooting sports, shooting range, survival tips. Formed in 2003, storm tactical was the first data book producer to offer custom made pages, and fully customized books. The cmp as issued book is a basic book since the matches are geared around a single distance either 200yds or 100yds. The rifle range used two military rifles for qualification in the 1960s. Tactical supply inc, modular sniper data book alpha data. Appendix u task directions for data book procedure knowledge mapping. Marine corps rifle marksmanship and data books this download has 15 essential manuals, books and charts that the us marine corps soldier would need to maximize their marksmanship and shooting skills navmc 10787 u. There are commercial data books, military data books used for rifle or pistol requalification, matches, and sniping, as well as the home made variety. Storm tactical heavy paper modular data books are printed on extra heavy duty 90 pound index card stock paper, in an easy to read size of 5.

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