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She is having a solo exhibition of her work in maine starting this week and also in october 2016 in nashville. Alex kanevesky meditations on some colors blue youtube. Discover interesting facts about alex kanevsky on artnet. Like the unreliable nature of memory and the imprecise atmosphere of poetry, kanevskys multilayered works provide more questions than answers. Eric fischl, alex kanevsky, vincent desiderio, jenny saville, egon schiele, rembrandt, johannes vermeer, jackson pollock, lucian freud, gustav klimt, frank auerbach, nan goldin, philip lorca dicorcia, julie heffernan. Kanevsky but unfortunately much of it is, if not false, not exactly.

Some paintings in no particular style at hollis taggart galleries presents new work from this virtuosic artist, confirming his remarkable ability to surprise and intrigue. As a result, the images often have a certain degree of abstraction and vagueness. See more ideas about painting, figure painting and art. Read the artist bio and gain a deeper understanding with mutualarts artist profile. Jenny kanevsky is a lead editor and regular contributor at the good men project. In a fantastic interview, neil plotkin talks to painter alex kanevsky about his work and studio process. The internet offers a great deal of information about mr. Alex kanevskys gestural portraits are influenced by the artistic traditions of eastern europe, where he grew up, and the united states, where he now lives.

His first attempt was a carnation, which kanevsky says came out very simple, almost like folk art. Alex kanevsky was born in russia and studied mathematics at vilnius university in lithuania before coming to the united states. He was honored with many prestigious awards while attending pafa including the pearson memorial. Zoey frank is a colorado based painter who shows at the haynes gallery, both in thomaston, maine and nashville, tennessee. John seed interviews painter alex kanevsky on the occasion of his exhibition unstable equilibrium at dolby chadwick gallery, san francisco, on view through. Alexander kanevsky born on november 15, 1959 in russian federation, city of tula, where has made his first drawings of tiger, lion, elephant, horse and human at the age of 3. Alex kanevsky is an americanlithuanian artist whose figurative paintings display dynamism, movement, and spatial compression, captured by short, gestural brushstrokes in the vein of francis bacon or lucien freud. Many readers are familiar with alex kanevsky s work but perhaps not all of his details. The russianborn painter attempts to capture the evasive nature of memory and the poetry of failure. Artist alexander kanevsky, left, listens tuesday as new haven mayor john destefano jr. The following are extracts from an interview with alex kanevsky, who is a fantastic fine art oil painter.

See more ideas about figure painting, figurative art and art. Alex is a russian immigrant who studied at the pennsylvania academy of fine arts and makes deeply layered paintings. The photos were taken from time to time during work on the paintings. Kanevsky, who had been a surgeon, writer and artist in russia, came to the united states in 1990. How often do you begin a new painting, and how long is the process of completing one. He decided to turn professional after his arrival in the u. Improvement upon perfection is how slatkin described one of kanevskys early flowers.

This past summer alan feltus and his wife lani irwin graciously invited me to visit in italy at their marvelously restored stone farmhouse with an adjacent studio converted from a barn. Alexander kanevsky is one of the most established personalities in the modern art world. Apr 8, 2015 alex kanevsky interview with neil plotkin alex kanevsky j. Explore amazing art and photography and share your own visual inspiration. Find an indepth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. Build up your self esteem to the level that might seem unwarranted. Using broken color and broken form through multiple permutations of imagery, applied in transparent and opaque layers of oil paint, manipulated with brush, squeegee, credit card and even household tools, kanevsky breaks the rules of motion and, therefore the parameters of time itself. Alexander kanevskys interview by richard gins at nyc.

I want painting to be difficult so that there is always room for failure. His figurative works provide more questions than answers, from his portrayals of anonymous twins submerged in adjacent tubs or claude monet gardening in a. Kanevsky settled in philadelphia where he later studied and graduated from the pennsylvania academy of fine arts. I felt that, as i continued with a painting, good things often seemed lost under subsequent layers.

Somerset maugham said, there are three rules for writing a novel. Alex kanevsky in conversation with kenneth baker, 118 youtube. Thats what we recently happened to read during an interview by painting perception to russian artist, now based in pennsylvania, alex kanevsky. A useful size for a few of the vertically oriented images as reproduced, not so much for some of the more horizontally oriented paintings. Alex kanevsky was born in rostvonadonu, russia, in 1963 and graduated from the pennsylvania academy of fine arts in 1993. Using broken color and broken form through multiple permutations of imagery, applied in transparent and opaque layers of oil paint, manipulated with brush, squeegee, credit card and even household tools, kanevsky. In an interview with vivianite, alex kanevsky had some wise words for young artists. Marys college scholarship program for the mfa in literary arts.

Various works by alex kanevsky kai fine art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world. Alex kanevsky developed and improved these various painting techniques over a long time. Vladimir kanevsky, prince of porcelain flowers flower. You grew up in russia and have lived as an adult in the us. Although he did not come from an artistic family, kanevskys parents owned a large collection of art books that were formative to his early introduction to art. The two drawings in rob zellers book the figurative artists handbook. I found this amazing interview with alex kanevsky by neil plotkin and thought to share as it sheds light on an incredibly talented mind. Alexander kanevsky s interview with richard gins over the alexanders evolution in the new york city montserrat contemporary art gallery. Alex kanevsky art painting, art, portrait painting. The russianborn american painter alex kanevsky was born in rostov russia in 1963 and came to the united states in 1983 with his family.

View the profiles of professionals named alex kanevsky on linkedin. Once enrolled at the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts, he haunted galleries and museums in florence and paris, and observed art. So i looked in some book and there was a van gogh painting. Its ironic that kanevsky believes in the impossibility of the artists statement, because he just made a bold one. In awareness of the agency of his subjects and his paintings, and. While studying theoretical mathematics at the university of vilnius in lithuania then part of the ussr, alex kanevsky made paintings in his spare time. His inspiration relates from his own life, feelings, emotions, experiences, or sometimes his observations of lives of other people. One never forget on is looking at a painted surface in the art of. Website of alexander kanevsky, showcasing his artwork and details about his extensive background and achievements. Alexander kanevsky, ddss background, education, and other specialties. Alexander kanevsky, princeton, new jersey and milan, italy. Alex kanevsky and tom richmond two artists that ive been studying this week are alex kanevsky and tom richmond.

The works of alex kanevsky allow for that door to open wide. This will help you ignore both positive and negative responses to your paintings. Alex kanevskys paintings dont depict a moment in time, but the mysterious space before, after and during an event. Graduated in 1983, worked in surgical oncology and alternative medicine. Kanevsky or kanevskoy masculine, kanevskaya feminine, or kanevskoye neuter may refer to. Alex kanevsky schetsboek, hedendaagse kunst, stilleven, liefde, canvassen, stoffen, bollen schetsboekhedendaagse. Alex kanevsky was born in rostovnadonu in russia in 1963.

The naive artist works with firsthand experiences, uncompromised by selfanalysis. Alex kanevsky the figure master class carmel visual arts. A master of the alchemical possibilities of paint, alex kanevsky is one of todays most accomplished and dynamic representational painters. Their property, where theyve lived since 1987, is surrounding by an exquisite flower garden overlooking unforgettable vistas of the umbrian countryside. Kanevsky may one day warrant a full monograph, maybe. Viktor kanevskyi 19362018, retired soviet soccer player. Beautiful disasters, the masterpiece paintings of alex. Its hard to imagine two artists with less in common than these. Alyssa monks the brilliance of photorealistic oil paintings. Artist and writer doctor alexander kanevsky historical. Around age ten, he began producing paintings, drawing inspiration from his. Philadelphia painter reveals why an art career kills all the fun interview, photos see more. Alex kanevsky new hampshire, 2012 oil on panel 36 x 36. Kanevsky has collaborated with the gallery to create a series of videos, each a meditation on a single color.

After his arrival to philadelphia in 1983 he worked as a yellow pages artist, russian translator and an illustrator for a psychiatric nursing magazine. Short focus paintings emile zola said that a work of art is nature viewed through a temperament. He has received numerous prestigious fellowships and awards, including the pew fellowship for painting in 1997. These videos offer a glimpse into the artists mind as he discusses the processes. Sentimental are works that are selfaware of their place in history, theory, etc.

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