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Starting and stopping a motor can be done with three common methods. See the basic principle with the singlephase ac as the simplest example. Firstly threephase induction motor drive system is simulated in various modes using matlabxilinx, then. In this presentation, we will be covering variable frequency drives vfds and their theory, application, and troubleshooting. A vfd is capable of adjusting both the speed and torque of an induction motor. Variable frequency drives ressources naturelles canada. With this electric drive tutorial youll learn how does a variable speed drive work vfd drive working principle, and other industrial drive essentials.

Our drives line even includes liquid cooling for harsh environments. As the frequency is decreased, the speed of the motor also decreases. The variablefrequency drive training system is a stateoftheart training system specifically designed to introduce students to the basic principles of variablefrequency drives vfds. As of late, the use of a vfd is becoming more popular than ever due to its claimed efficiency benefits, but be sure it is needed. A better understanding of vfds will lead to improved application and selection of both equipment and hvac systems. A variablefrequency drive is a device used in a drive system consisting of the following three main subsystems. Electrical equipment should be installed, operated, serviced, and maintained only by qualified personnel.

Vfd is shorted for variable frequency drive also known as ac drives and inverters thats used to make an ac motor working in variable speed among other parameters. Variable frequency drive basic principle of a vfd in theory the basic idea is simple, the process of transforming the line frequency to a variable frequency is basically made in two steps. Most aircooled vfds use fans to force air through the vfd to dissipate heat. As an example, ac 480v, 60hz supply is applied to the vfd which varies the signal voltage and frequency to have control of the speed. And, once specified, it must be properly installed to ensure reliable operation. Variable frequency drives vfd, aka variable speed drive vsd have been available for use with a wide range of applications for over 20 years. Smartvfd hvac is a standalone variable frequency drive vfd designed for use in hvac applications to control the speed of hvac pumps and fans in order to maximize energy efficiency. A variablefrequency drive vfd or adjustablefrequency drive afd. The variable frequency drive industry is growing rapidly, and it is now more important than ever for technicians and maintenance personnel to keep vfd installations running smoothly. By controlling the output ac frequency, it is possible to drive the motor at different speeds based on the requirements. Ac motor, main drive controller assembly, and driveoperator interface 210211 ac motor. Scurve, overvoltage stall prevention, dc braking, fault records, adjustable car.

Mechanical, electrical, and fluid power adjustable speed drives are available that offer some of the aforementioned. Variable voltage variable frequency control of threephase induction motor in closed loop is the significant feature of the thesis work. Variable frequency drive vfd usage has increased dramatically in hvac applications. The variable frequency drive vfd, one type of scrbased device, can convert a single speed motor to variable speed with no modification to the motor itself. The speed of an alternating current ac motor depends on three principle variables. The word drive as used in this manual refers to the controller portion of the adjustable speed drive as defined by nec. Variable frequency drive operating principle whilst there are a number of variations in variable frequency drive design.

These first electric motors ran off of dc direct current because that was the only electricity available at the time. Direct driven outdoor fans to variable frequency drive, inverterdriven fans. Vfds function to adjust motor speed to better fulfill the requirements. Other names for a vfd are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive. It provides a comprehensive, highquality, and costeffective solution to rapidly build student knowledge in vfds and their motor applications. Our systems integration division can build custom drive panels as well. This paper include experimental results of voltage, current and speed on different frequencies. Variable frequency drive or vfd is the way that enables controlling of the speed of induction motor by applying varying frequency of ac supply voltage. Variable frequency drives vfds popular speed control devices used in industrial, commercial and residential applications. These applications include single motor driven pumps, fans and compressors, as well as highly sophisticated multi drive machines. Each part of a variable frequency drive has the following function. As a result, the output of motor torque and speed changes. The above figure shows how the voltage and frequency are varied by a variable frequency drive. Additional operator control functions might include reversing, and switching between manual speed adjustment and automatic control from an.

A variable frequency drive, also called frequency inverter, adjustable speed drive, the basic working principle is adjusting the electrical supply to an ac motor with a corresponding frequency and voltage change in the motors speed and torque output. After installation is complete, check out product operation as provided in these instructions. Search wegvariablespeeddrives50019078brochureenglish. The term variable frequency drive is somewhat misleading, as is another generic name for it inverter. Variable frequency drive is a technology where the rotational speed of an electric motor is controlled or varied electronically electric motors were invented in the early 1800s.

Working principles of variable frequency drive vfd nisco. This article shows the working principle of ac drive variable frequency drive, or vfd. Speed the motor runs at when fully loaded and supplied rated nameplate voltage. One of the best vsd motor online courses you can get as it never expires, 247 access.

It does this due to the electrical characteristics of t. The variable frequency drive converts this line power into a pulsed output voltage that duplicates varying alternating current to a desired frequency speed. A variable frequency drive vfd is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. An embedded microprocessor governs the overall operation of the vfd controller. The variablespeed drive installed at the oht site is a variable. The system may include transformers for high voltage. A variable frequency drive, or vfd, is often referred to as an inverter. The vfds are now commonly applied to air handlers, pumps, chillers and tower fans. In this paper principle and operation of vf drive is summarized. Variable frequency drive, operation and application of variable.

The simulation model is simulated using matlab simulink and their results are also analyzed. A commissioning file containing records of software settings, set points and other relevant. Variable frequency drive for induction motor elprocus. A variable frequency drive actually controls two parameters. After reading this, people will be able to understand more. Variable frequency drive basics, vfd training online. The basics of variable frequency drive installation. This variable frequency drive basics, is a vfd basics industrial drive training online certificate course.

The drive also regulates the output voltage in proportion to the output frequency to provide a relatively constant ratio of voltage to frequency vhz, as required by the characteristics of the ac motor to produce adequate torque. The working principle of variable frequency drives was described really nicely. Variable speed drives for synchronous and asynchronous. Variable voltage variable frequency speed control of. A vfd may also be called an ac drive, adjustable frequency drive, variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive vsd, variable frequency inverter vfi, or microdrive. These applications include single motor driven pumps, fans and compressors, as well as highly sophisticated multidrive machines. In two positions, the voltage is zero, ie, when all the phases are connected to the same dc bus, either negative or positive. The total harmonic distortion thd in waveforms is also analyzed. A converter is a device to create the dc from the ac power supply. Smart vfd is also designed to run threephase standard and high efficiency induction motors by varying the output voltage and frequency. A fullwave power diode based solidstate rectifier converts threephase 50 hz power from a standard 220, 440 or higher utility supply to either fixed or adjustable dc voltage. There are a lot of tradeoffs in the different designs and depending on the goals and preferences of the.

Electrical induction motors using a variable frequency drive. If you are using single speed motors to drive fans or pumps, you may be able to save energy through use of a variable frequency drive. This more generic term applies to devices that control the speed of either the motor or the equipment driven by the motor fan, pump. A variablefrequency drive vfd is a device that controls the voltage and frequency that is being supplied to a motor and therefore controls the speed of the motor and the system it is efficiency is improved. The width of the pulses is varied so that the average voltage seen by the motor is a sine wave of a given frequency. Variablespeed drives for chillers natural resources canada. A variable frequency drive controls the speed of an ac motor by varying the frequency supplied to the motor. Aircooled variable frequency drive vfd aircooling works on the principle that heat transfers from hot devices and component surfaces to the mass of air flowing over or past them. An emerging air conditioner and heat pump technology. Variable frequency drive vfd working principle history of variable frequency drives vfd when tesla first introduced the 3phase alternating current ac induction motor in 1888, he knew that his invention was more efficient and reliable than edisons direct current dc motor. Any variable frequency drive or vfd incorporates following three stages for controlling a three phase induction motor rectifier stage. A variable frequency drive, also called frequency inverter, adjustable speed drive, the basic working principle is adjusting the electrical supply to an.

Whatever the name, a vfd is a type of motor controller that drives and controls an electric motor. Pdf experimental results of variable frequency drive for three. Variable frequency drives vfds are used to vary the. Refer to the technical manual for the individual machine for. I think variable frequency drives are used in various industries so it is quite useful for everyone to know about this. Part of the electricians technical reference series, this field guide is ideal for gaining access to information about variable frequency drives, including how. The variable frequency drive evaluation protocol presented here addresses evaluation issues for variablefrequency drives vfds installed on commercial and industrial motordriven centrifugal fans and pumps for which torque varies with speed. A basic vfd system generally consists of an ac motor, a controller, and an operator interface. The ratio of static to friction head over the operating range influences the benefits achievable from variable speed drives see section 3. The principle variablespeed drives work by converting ac signals to dc using rectifiers and then inverting these dc signals back to ac.

The basic configuration of a variable frequency drive is as follows. By principle, the electrical supply going to an ac motor is adjusted using a corresponding voltage and frequency. Variable frequency drive basics variable frequency drive. Vfd for ac motors have been the innovation that has.

Review and cite variable frequency drive protocol, troubleshooting and other methodology information contact experts in variable frequency drive to get answers. The variable frequency drive is developed to control induction motors in an automated environment. A variable frequency drives used in a drivesystem consisting of the following three mainsubsystems. Vfd drives were first introduced in 1983, and the insulated gate bipolar transistor has in the past 20 years become the standard for vfd drives as an inverter switching device. Huge energy savings potential operating centrifugal fans, pumps and compressors vary frequency of electrical. In variablespeed applications, a dc motor may be operating in one or more modes. Variable frequency drives adjust your motor speed to closely match your output requirements, typically resulting in energy savings of 10 to 50%. This includes that many of the possibilities of the vector variable frequency drive cannot be discovered without additional automation tools to deliver feedback to the vector variable frequency drive. The ac electric motor used in a vfd system is usually threephase induction motor. When a variable frequency drive vfd is implemented, motor speed and process requirements of the machine are closely matched. Dc motor operating characteristics are determined by the physical motor design i. In order to properly cover the subject, it will be broken into four distinct parts. In frequency control, the variable frequency drive inverter supplies a series of dc voltage pulses to the motor terminals at a high frequency typically to 0 hz. This is definition used in all topical discussion on this paper.

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